Introducing Our Advisory Boards

FINS is proud to announce that we recently completed the formation of both our Strategic (SAB) and Technical Advisory (TAB) Boards.  Among our inaugural members are retired, high-ranking military and intelligence community officials; subject-matter experts with backgrounds in law, economics,… Read More

Harnessing the Power of AI & Data Science to Address Ecological Challenges

If a tree falls in the forest, it may be a sign of something more drastic affecting the greater environment. By synthesizing Data Science and Biological approaches, however, UF is helping to combat climate change and better manage national forests.… Read More

UF announces $70 million artificial intelligence partnership with NVIDIA

“Congratulations to the University of Florida and NVIDIA for their announcement today of a transformational partnership to create higher education’s most powerful AI supercomputer and develop a workforce training program that will jumpstart the next generation of discovery and innovation.… Read More

Learn more about how all UF students, regardless of major or degree level, will have the opportunity to add Artificial Intelligence savvy to their credentials via UF’s AI Across the Curriculum Initiative. Artificial intelligence has lurked behind the scenes in… Read More

FINS Faculty & Collaborators @ WPI develop InfoNEAT: A Novel, More Generalizable Deep Learning (DL) Approach

Deep Neural Network (DNN) is a type of machine learning model that closely resembles a human brain. Like the brain, DNN consists of nodes and connections to process the outside information and learn a specific task. However, such networks have a… Read More


A multidisciplinary team of researchers led by engineering faculty at the University of Florida, including FINS core member Dr. James Fairbanks, hopes to build software that will bridge that gap, with the goal of providing valuable applications for defense readiness.

AI Expert Dr. Damon Woodard Assumes Directorship of New UF Institute, FINS

“Florida is often ground zero regarding several national security matters. Thus, FINS is well situated as the state’s flagship educational institution to partner with the critical national security assets found across the state.”