Introducing Our Advisory Boards

FINS is proud to announce that we recently completed the formation of both our Strategic (SAB) and Technical Advisory (TAB) Boards. 

Among our inaugural members are retired, high-ranking military and intelligence community officials; subject-matter experts with backgrounds in law, economics, technology, and business with experience working with and for both industry and government; as well as seasoned professionals from the defense community and industrial base sector.

“We are thrilled to have the support of such a team of experts in pursuing our Mission and Vision and are ready to get to the work at hand.”

Dr. Damon Woodard, FINS Director

We celebrate this milestone just a few weeks after our first-year anniversary as a new institute and welcome you to become familiar with the phenomenal team we have composed.

To get to know more about our Advisory Board members, peruse through their bios HERE and follow us on social media, where we will feature each of them and spotlight their current work and past contributions throughout the coming weeks.