Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The mission of Florida Institute for National Security (FINS) is to equip federal and state government entities with innovative applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science-based solutions for the most prevailing national security challenges.

Further, we aim to produce the talent pipeline of AI and data science knowledgeable professionals necessary to execute this mission and capable of performing the restricted research it requires.


The Florida Institute for National Security (FINS) seeks to establish Florida as a nationally recognized, premier hub for AI/data science research, innovation, talent and workforce development in support of national security.


  • Mobilize the arsenal of research capabilities and talent developed through the University of Florida’s comprehensive, cross-curricular AI Initiative – which aims to promote AI research and innovation in every academic discipline- towards addressing multi-faceted national security concerns;
  • Capitalize on the success of UF’s business incubator, UF Innovate, as well as the university’s standing as first among US public universities in tech-transfer for economic return in order to pioneer and promote the transfer of technology, utilization, and marketization of applied AI-based solutions for the homeland security, intelligence, and defense communities;
  • Assemble customized, interdisciplinary teams composed of subject matter experts from germane academic disciplines and industry partners, tailored to address every aspect of a given challenge;
  • Lead the country in providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art, and accessible (online-based) AI-focused education and upskilling opportunities to develop and bolster an AI-proficient workforce;
  • Avail ourselves of the advantageous access to the country’s best and brightest undergraduate engineers afforded by UF’s Engineering National Graduate Institutional Exchange (ENGINE) Consortium in order to create the nation’s premier pipeline for diverse, AI/data science proficient talent capable of performing restricted research.