Friend or Foe? An Opinion Piece by FINS Director on AI Consumerism

From ChatGPT to voice activated speakers and virtual assistants, AI-powered products have become ubiquitous and highly sought after. However, the effect AI is having on society as a whole has raised some very real concerns that the recent release of the Apple Vision Pro has only stirred up.

FINS director, Dr. Damon Woodard, adds to the conversation in his first opinion piece: Tech Friend or Foe? Augmented Reality Further Blurs the Line Between Reality and the Digital World. Every stride taken in the tech industry comes with a double-edged sword.

“Because this product is so new, the jury is still out on whether it will ultimately offer a more efficient way for humans to interact with computers,” Dr. Woodard writes. “But it is already clear that there are some positives, and potential negatives, to consider when we look at the introduction of technology of this type to the public.”

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