FINS CTP Program: Pioneering the Future of National Security and Defense Research

The FINS leadership team “is an integral part of a groundbreaking $992,000 initiative at UF called Charting the Course to Preeminence in National Security Leadership”. Part of one of President Ben Sasse’s Strategic Funding Initiatives, which aims to position UF as a leader in national security research, defense, policymaking, and workforce development  – the FINS Clearable Talent Pipeline (CTP) program will focus on cultivating a talent pool of undergraduate researchers which will graduate with, of be close to obtaining, a security clearance. This multifaceted effort, supported by the Florida Legislature’s $130 million funding, focuses on establishing a university-wide national security program with a special emphasis on AI, reinforcing UF’s partnerships with federal agencies and reshaping how the university approaches national security research.

The initiative’s three-pronged approach includes developing a strategic roadmap for federal funding, laying the foundation for a robust national security research program, and implementing the Clearable Talent Pipeline. Led by FINS Director, Dr. Damon Woodard and FINS Associate Director, Dr. Domenic Forte, this pipeline aims to expedite UF students into security clearance-required jobs, addressing a significant national security talent gap in addressing AI-related concerns. With a strong emphasis on AI in the curriculum, UF is poised to produce highly qualified graduates for federal intelligence roles, solidifying its role as a key contributor to the future of national security. 

Read the full story, Strengthening the University of Florida’s National Security and Defense research program, published in the Nov. 27, 2023 edition of ECE Florida News