Professional Development

Professional Development

AI Courses: From Macro to Niche

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just the next wave of hi-tech. It is transforming nearly every sector of the economy and is at the center of the global technological revolution. The gap between advancing technology and the lack of AI talent is a growing threat to national security.

According to The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), “The human talent deficit is the government’s most conspicuous AI deficit and the single greatest inhibitor to buying, building, and fielding AI-enabled technologies for national security purposes.”

The NSC is now calling for a “Technology Competitiveness Council to build a strategy that accounts for the complex security, economic and scientific challenges of AI and its associated technologies.”

As national security is inherently multidimensional, it therefore requires interdisciplinary expertise.

The University of Florida’s  AI Initiative is poised to address these concerns by offering all students, regardless of major, the opportunity to learn how to apply AI to their specific field and earn both undergraduate and graduate credentials.

 UF’s AI Initiative currently offers the following AI Certificates.

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